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            updateRecords API Method

            You can use the updateRecords method to update or modify the records in Zoho Desk.

            Request URL Format

            XMLhttps://support.zoho.com/api/xml/MODULE/updaterecords?authtoken=AUTHTOKEN&portal=PORTALNAME&department=DEPARTMENTNAME&xml=XMLDATA& id=RECORDID

            • Replace MODULE with any one of these - requests, solutions, accounts, contacts, contracts, products, or tasks.
            • Replace AUTHTOKEN, PORTALNAME, DEPARTMENTNAME, XMLDATA, RECORDID with your authtoken, portal name, department name, XML data and record id respectively.
            Request Parameters

            ParameterData TypeDescription
            authtoken*StringEncrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials
            portal*StringPortal of your Zoho Desk
            department*StringDepartment of your Zoho Desk
            xml*StringThis is a XML string and the format should be same as how get records in XML format during your fetch API
            id*LongSpecify the unique CASE ID of the record

            * - Mandatory parameter

            • While updating data in your Zoho Desk account, role-based security (Roles, Profiles, Field-level security and Data sharing rules) is applied. Hence, use the user ID with highest role (Ex: CEO) and profile (Ex: Administrator). Also make sure all fields are enabled in the Field-level security settings.
            • While updating data, make sure the date and time are in the MM/dd/yyyy and  yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss formats respectively

            Sample Request URL
            Here is a sample request URL and its data format.

            https://support.zoho.com/api/xml/requests/updaterecords?authtoken=AUTHTOKEN&portal=demosupport& department=demodepartment&xml=XMLDATA&id=191901909990

            XMLDATA should be of the following format :
            <row no="1">
            <fl val="Subject">Update Records Demo</fl>
            <fl val="Contact Name">John</fl>
            <fl val="Product Name">Customer Satisfied</fl>
            <fl val="Email">john@demoupdate.com</fl>
            <fl val="Phone">989988998989</fl>
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