What are the important things I need to know before activating multi-currency?

            Before you activate the multi-currency feature, be aware of these points:

            • Multi-currency feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition and above.
            • Only users with the Administrator profile can activate this feature and add currencies.
            • Once activated, the multi-currency feature cannot be deactivated.
            • After activation, you won't be able to view the Currency Locale field when you look for it under Setup > Company Details > Locale Information.
            • The Administrator can add multiple currencies but only 10 currencies can be active in your CRM account at one time.
            • A record's Currency once set, cannot be modified.
            • You cannot mass update the record's currency (i.e. Currency field) for the records. 
            • Multi-Currency is not supported in the Forecasts module. Forecasting can be done only in the Home Currency.

            Updated: 06 Jun 2017 12:43 AM
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