What is the limit for email attachments?

            In Zoho CRM, you can upload attachments in various places. You can upload attachments to:

            1. Individual records in CRM.

            2. Individual emails.

            3. Email templates.

            Individual records

            In individual records, you can attach documents upto the size of 20 MB. This can be either a single file or multiple files.

            Attachment limit in emails

            While composing emails, you can send files based on the attachment limit. The attachment limit varies based on your Zoho CRM Edition.

            Email templates

            In each email template, you can attach files up to 3 MB. Keep in mind that when you use the email template to attach multiple files, the attachment size will not be multiplied, but counted only once for storage. For instance, if you have an email template with a 2 MB attachment size, and are sending this template to 10 records, the size remains 2 MB and not 20 MB. 

            The attachment limit also varies depending on which Zoho CRM edition you're using. 

            The limits for email attachments are:

            For Free Edition Users: 3MB for attachments

            For Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition Users: 10MB for attachments

            For Zoho Mail Add-on Users (in any Edition): 10MB for attachments

            Please note that this is the total attachment size. This is inclusive of the attachments included in the email templates also.

            Updated: 10 Aug 2017 12:48 AM
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