Business Email Hosting with Zoho - Custom Email for your Domain

            in Zoho Mail, you can create custom email accounts like for all your organization members. The steps involved are outlined below:

            Step 1: Verify your domain: 

            Please verify the domain ownership. This is required to prevent any misuse of domains by impostors to send malicious messages. You can follow the CNAME or TXT or HTML method for verification. 

            Step 2: Add/ Import users to the organization:

            As the administrator of your organization, you will see a Control Panel link under Settings icon. Launch the Control Panel and select User Details from the left panel. Click 'Add User' in the top to add new users. Refer here for more information about adding users or using a CSV file to import users. 

            You can set up Group email accounts, for mail accounts that are common to a team or a group of people. Refer here for detailed information about Groups in Zoho Mail. 

            Step 3: Start receiving emails - Update MX Records

            You will be able to send emails from the accounts after you create the accounts. However to receive emails, you need to configure the MX records of your domain in your DNS.  Refer here for instructions to configure the MX records. 

            Step 4: Add SPF records to your DNS for your domain.
            Refer URL-

            Step 5: Add DKIM records to your DNS for your domain.
            Refer URL-

            Step 6: Email Migration to Zoho Mail 

            You can migrate the email from your existing servers to the respective accounts in Zoho Mail using the Migration Tool in the Control Panel. Refer here for detailed instructions for migration from your existing servers. 

            Mobile Access:
            The native apps for iOS and Android devices helps you to stay in sync with your email, calendar and contacts from your mobile devices. 

            To introduce Zoho Mail interface to your organization users and for more resources about using the exhaustive features of the Zoho Mail Administrative Control visit our help centre at:
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