Why do we have the secondary email addresses in Leads and Contacts?

            When you're using the Zoho Mail Add-on to fetch your business emails and associate them to the leads and contacts in Zoho CRM, you need to have a secondary email address. With the additional secondary email address, all emails sent/received to/from the secondary email address will also be listed in the Emails related list of a lead/contact.

            Take a scenario where the leads/contacts have changed their email address. You want to update the new email address in your Zoho CRM.

            Problem: If you change the value in the email field to the new email address, all the mails associated to that old email address will no longer be listed under the respective records.

            Solution: You need not replace the lead/contact's email address with the new email address. You can just add the new email address in the Secondary Email field. All mails associated to both the new and old email addresses will then get listed under the respective records.

            Updated: 09 Aug 2017 05:30 AM
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