Why are the leads captured through the web forms not visible under the Leads tab?

            Leads captured through your web forms may not be visible under the Leads tab due to any one of these reasons:

            • Use of HTTPIf you are using HTTP in your web form HTML codes, you need to change it to HTTPS.
            • Default hidden fields - When the HTML code is generated for the web form, there are certain system generated hidden fields in the HTML code by default. If you remove these Zoho defined hidden fields, the web form will not work. This is the code snippet that should not be removed from your web form code.
            • <input type='text' style='display:none;' name='xnQsjsdp' value=sample value /> 
              <input type='text' style='display:none;' name='xmIwtLD' value=sample value />
              <input type='text' style='display:none;' name='actionType' value=sample value />

            • Changes in the script - The third-party site on which you embed the Zoho CRM web form may convert some special characters provided in the web form.
            • Unapproved Records - Check if there are records of leads pending for your approval. You can view the list of records pending for your approval from the Approve Leads/Contacts/Cases feature. 
            • See Also Approve Leads
            • Permission to View Records - The lead records will be visible to you, only if you have the permission to view those records. For instance, the leads generated through web forms are assigned to user A. You will not be able to view those leads if you do not have the access to view user A's records.
            • Incorrect Domain Name - Make sure that the domain name you have specified is correct. If the domain name does not match with the URL where the web form is hosted, then the information will not be captured. Alternatively, you can enter [ * ] in the Domain Name field to capture from other / multiple domains.

            • Inactive web form - Check whether the web form that you are using is active.
            • Multiple web forms - If you are using multiple web forms in the same page, you won't be able to view the leads captured through web forms.

            Additionally, while creating web forms, you might have enabled the Manual Approval of leads. In this case, the leads generated from the web form will be available under the Leads tab only if they are manually approved by the user with the Approve Records profile permission.
            To check if the Manual Approval of leads is enabled for the web forms, follow these steps:
            1. Click Setup > Developer Space > Webforms.
            2. Click on the webform you want to check.
              The webform builder will be displayed.
            3. Click Next Step.
            4. In the Form Details page, check if the Request for Approval is enabled or not.
            If the option is selected, the records will be waiting for approval. You can approve them in the [Module] Home > [Module] Tools > Approve [Module].

            Updated: 22 Sep 2017 05:51 AM
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