Why can't I see the emails in CRM even after configuring the POP account?

            There could be three reasons why you are not able to see the emails even after configuring the POP account.   

            Reason 1: You might not have selected the POP configured account's email address in the Mailbox. If you click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Zoho Mail Add-on, the Mailbox will list all the POP configured mail boxes and the Zoho mailbox. You might have selected a different mail box in CRM. Please make sure that you have selected the exact mail box from which you want to fetch emails. See Also Configure Mailbox 

            Reason 2: Under the Emails Related List, you might not have selected the option that lists out the mails sent using the POP account that you configured. You need to select the option under ZMail Public Users.   

            Reason 3: You might have added the same email address as that of the POP account's email address and may have set it as the Default Email ID. By doing so, the email address will be listed in the Mailbox. You can check the same by following the steps given below:  
            1. Click the Email tab.
            2. Under Account Details, ensure that the Set Default Email ID selected is that of Zoho. (for example, yourname@zoho.com)
            Make sure that you have not selected the Default Email ID (mentioned here) to be the same as that of the configured POP account. The reason being that, in CRM both the Default Email ID and the configured POP account's email address will be displayed in the Mailbox. You would not know which one is the mail box that needs to be selected to fetch mails inside CRM as both the email address will be the same
            Updated: 04 Nov 2015 02:13 AM
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