"Failed" V2 Bulk Read API

"Failed" V2 Bulk Read API

I'm receiving a "Failed" status when requesting a bulk read request from the creator API after about a minute of requesting updates using the request ID. This occurs when requesting data out of a report containing over 1 million records. I've tried submitting with and without the max_records count value.

Sample response:
{"code":3000,"details":{"created_time":"12/23/2021 23:08:50","id":"3314127000143876609","operation":"read","created_by":"my_id","status":"Failed"}}

The status leading up to this is "In-Progress"

Is there a way to get a more detailed description as to why this is failing? Other reports that are smaller in nature work fine. I'm wondering if this is an issue of report size or something else? I can't imagine the size being the issue, as that would defeat the purpose of the bulk read feature......

Thanks for any insight.

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