Attention: Hold on '2-Year Data in Analytics - Reports' Early Access | Zoho Desk

Attention: Hold on '2-Year Data in Analytics - Reports' Early Access | Zoho Desk

Dear Community,

We recently initiated early access (in phases) for a closed group to the "2-Year Data in Analytics - Reports" feature. This expands your ability to generate reports spanning a two-year period, addressing a longstanding limitation in Zoho Desk. Driven by user requests, this enhancement aims to provide greater flexibility and support across all platforms.


We truly appreciate the invaluable feedback and support received from the users who were part of the early access group. Your insights have been instrumental in refining this feature before its full public release. Your participation has helped us identify key areas for improvement, ensuring we deliver a more robust solution that meets your needs.

Technical Challenges:

While the initial feedback has been positive, we have encountered significant technical challenges related to performance and scalability. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure a seamless user experience. Despite our efforts to manage these challenges during the early access phase, we regret that we may not be able to continue offering the early access service.

Temporary Suspension:

In order to focus on resolving these technical challenges and to prevent any potential disruptions in user accounts, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the early access of this feature. This pause will enable us to implement necessary improvements, ensuring a more robust and reliable experience when we resume it at a later date.

Next Steps:

We understand the disappointment this may cause for those eagerly anticipating this feature. We are sorry that this happened. Rest assured, our team is committed to resolving these issues swiftly and reopening the feature with enhanced performance and usability. 

For Further Assistance:

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding reports created during the early access phase or encountered errors, please contact our support team at We are here to assist you with any concerns or inquiries.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we work to deliver an enhanced and fully functional version of this feature soon. 

Best regards,
Zoho Desk Team

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