Custom Function for Milestone Auto-Complete

Custom Function for Milestone Auto-Complete

A custom function is a piece of software code that can help automate a process. Users can write their own Custom Functions using deluge and call them from a workflow. Let us take a look at how custom functions can help organizations manage their workflow.

Custom Functions can be used by organizations that want to automatically mark their milestones as complete once all of the tasks within the milestone have been completed. First we need to establish a connection, define a workflow rule and then associate a custom function to that workflow rule.

Create a new connection
  1. Navigate to the Setup icon and select Marketplace.
  2. Click Connections under Marketplace and then Create Connection.
  3. Click Default Services under Pick your service.
  4. Select Zoho Projects.
  5. Enter ZP MS Autocomplete as the Connection name and select the scopes ZohoProjects.milestones.UPDATE, ZohoProjects.bugs.READ, ZohoProjects.tasks.READ, and Zoho Projects.milestones.ALL

  6. Click the Create and Connect button.

  7. You will be prompted to connect to the newly established connection
  8. Click the Proceed button.

  9. The connection will be created once the accept button is clicked.

Note : Remember that 'Use Credentials of Login User' has to be switched off.

Workflow rule for automatically completing a milestone
  1. Click in the top navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to Task Automation and click Workflow Rules.
  3. Click New Workflow Rule.
  4. Enter the workflow name, description, and select the required layout.
  5. Under Execute on, choose 'Update' then Choose 'Field Specific and Select 'Status' from drop down menu.
  6. Click Next.

Create and associate the custom function to the workflow

Next, we will create a custom function and associate it with the workflow rule.
  1. Click on Add Action and then select Associate Custom Function.
  2. Click Create Custom Function in the Associate Custom Function page.

  3. In the Create Custom Function page type in the function name as Milestone Auto Complete.
  4. Add Arguments for project id, portal id, and milestone id as shown in the image below.

  5. Use this as the Sample Code and click Save.
  6. Associate the created Custom Function.

Click Save Rule.

  1. Sample Code: 
    1. // Construct parameter to filter the open tasks
      taskParam = Map();
      // Invoke get tasks API
      //Add your connection name as last parameter
      taskResponse = zoho.projects.getRecords(portalId,projectId,"tasks",taskParam,1,"zpmsautocomplete");
      info taskResponse;
      // Variable declaration and assign value , Endpoint of the API
      // This Varibale used to decide the milestone completion
      isMilestoneUpdate = false;
      // If task response is empty it will check any open bugs are available
      // construct parameter for filter only open bugs
      milestoneList = list();
      bugParam = Map();
      info "bugParam:" + bugParam;
      //Add your connection name as last parameter
      bugResponse = zoho.projects.getRecords(portalId,projectId,"bugs",bugParam,1,"zpmsautocomplete");
      info bugResponse;
      isMilestoneUpdate = true;
      info "TaskResponse Is Empty :" + taskResponse.isEmpty() + ", isMilestoneUpdate:" + isMilestoneUpdate;
      info "---------------------";
      if(!milestoneId.isNull() && isMilestoneUpdate)
      //Modify the status of the milestone.(1 - notcompleted, 2 - completed)
      milestoneParam = Map();
      info milestoneParam;
      info "---------------------";
      // Enter The Connection option Example : connection:"your_conection_name"
      updateMilestoneResponse = invokeurl
      url :projectsAPIEndPoint + "/portal/" + portalId + "/projects/" + projectId + "/milestones/" + milestoneId + "/status/"
      type :POST
      info updateMilestoneResponse;
      info "-------------------------------------";
      return "success";
We hope you found this post to be helpful.
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