Enhanced duplicate check for Leads in CRM

Enhanced duplicate check for Leads in CRM

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that you can now check for duplicate entries in leads by comparing them with similar records in the Contacts Module.

Previously, when you added a lead, only the converted leads were checked for duplicates. This left a gap where directly added contacts could slip through without being checked for duplicates.

But now, with this update, the CRM users will be able to directly check for duplicates within the Contacts module. This can be done by selecting 'Contacts' in the Duplicate Check Preference drop-down menu, and by specifying which unique field should be used for comparison.

Let's look at a scenario, where, John, a Sales Rep, adds a potential customer named Emily into the system as a lead. The system automatically checks if this lead is unique by comparing it with converted leads in the database. However, if Emily is already linked as a contact by John's team due to a recent purchase made, he might unintentionally duplicate his efforts by proceeding with the lead nurturing process. 

To prevent duplicates as well as redundant efforts, John can now check across contacts. This enables the system to search for exact matching records in both Contacts and Leads, thereby preventing duplicate entries when a record already exists. 

This enhancement significantly reduces the risk of duplicate records and ensures data integrity within both your Leads and Contacts modules.

Happy organizing!

Editions available: The feature is available for all users in all DCs.

What's Next:
  1. Duplicate Detection Rule: Configure different rules for a module to identify and eradicate duplicates.
  2. Combinational value matches: Find duplicates based on combination values. 
  3. Similar Matches: Fuzzy matching techniques to view similar records.