Extension pointers - Simple yet significant pointers #10: Publishing

Extension pointers - Simple yet significant pointers #10: Publishing

Publishing an extension 

An extension can be created for an internal organizational purpose or to meet a common business need. In either case, an extension can only be made available to users after it has been published.
Types of extension publishing  
  • Private: When you build an extension for a personal or organizational purpose, you can publish the extension privately. 
  • Public: When you want the extension for a wider range of users, you can host your extension on Zoho Marketplace so that it's available to all Zoho users for installation and use.

How to publish an extension 

  • Go to Sigma and select the CRM extension you wish to publish.
  • Choose Publish from the left panel of the Zoho Developer console, under Package. Click Publish.

  • A pop-up appears, containing all the components added as part of the extension you created. Fill in the extension release notes in the provided field and click Confirm.

  • The extension is published successfully. A hashed URL link will be made available, which is the installationURL that can be shared with the users you want to access and use your extension features and capabilities.

  • Follow steps 1 through 3 for creating a private extension.
  • Once the extension is successfully published, a pop-up will appear with the URL. Check the "List this extension in the Zoho Marketplace" option. Click OK.

  • Your extension will be submitted for Marketplace review. The extension will be published and listed once the approval team has reviewed it and determined that all of the terms have been met.