Free Webinar: Digitally signing documents with Aadhaar eSign for Indian businesses

Free Webinar: Digitally signing documents with Aadhaar eSign for Indian businesses

Staying true to the Government of India's Digital India Initiatives, Indian businesses have started adapting digital signatures as an alternative to signing documents with pen and paper. With Zoho Sign's integration with both Aadhaar eSign and eMudhra eKYC services, businesses can securely sign documents from anywhere, at any time, while ensuring these signatures are legally valid and recognized under the provisions of the Indian IT Act 2000.
Key benefits of this integration:
  • Assures signer identity verification.
  • Helps you close deals faster and improves customer experience.
  • Equivalent to document signed with pen and paper.
Takeaways from this webinar:
  • An overview of Zoho Sign.
  • Basics of Aadhaar eSign and eMudhra eKYC services.
  • How to enable and integrate Aadhaar eSign and eMudhra eKYC services.
  • How to digitally sign documents with Aadhaar eSign and eMudhra eKYC services.
  • Interactive Q&A session.
Date: November 15, 2022
Time: 2:30 PM IST

Also, catch Zoho Sign at Zoholics India where our experts can help you know more about our Aadhaar eSign integration and how it can help your businesses sign documents securely with confidence!

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