New Feature: In-person Locations

New Feature: In-person Locations

Hello all,

Greetings from Zoho Bookings team!

We're glad to introduce a valuable addition to Bookings, the In-person Locations feature. 

With this feature, you can add physical locations to your services and efficiently manage multiple services occurring at different locations. Whether you offer services across multiple locations, organize events, or conduct meetings within your office premises, this feature enhances the venue communication between the staff and the customer, and ensures a seamless experience for in-person meetings.

Imagine a sales team in an enterprise organization that conducts product demos on their office premises. While leads can book appointments for these demos and visit the office, it can be challenging to find the exact conference room within the large office space. By clearly including location details in the appointment, all booked leads will be able to find the meeting location easily and arrive on time, avoiding any unnecessary hassle.


Learn how to use this feature 

  1. Multiple locations can be added to a workspace.

  1. Once the locations are added to a workspace, they can be linked to services. 

  1. When an appointment is booked, customers will be informed of the location details through the Confirmation page, Booking Summary, and email notifications (if opted in).

  1. The staff members can view the location details in the Meeting Details section in the Appointment Summary.

  1. If the appointments are added to external calendars, then the location details will be added to the location field of the calendar event.


Help documentation

Learn more about this feature in this article.


Available plans: Free, Basic, and Premium.


We hope this feature will be a great add-on to your scheduler. Let us know your feedback in the comments or write us at



The Zoho Bookings Team

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