Introducing multiple location URLs and date picker in Webforms

Introducing multiple location URLs and date picker in Webforms

Hello everyone, 

Webforms simplify the process of gathering prospect information by hosting forms on the website. The interested visitors fill the details and submit the form that lands into the CRM system giving the company an interested lead to follow-up with.   

The data that is collected varies based on the business requirement. For example, an automobile service center may ask for date of purchase, due data of service, registration number etc. Similarly a learning center can ask students to enter their name, data of birth, subject and more. 

To make the process of data collection and hosting of webforms easier, we have brought two new updates: 
  • Host webforms in multiple locations
  • Date picker for Date and Date-Time fields
Lets us take a look at both the updates.

Host a webform in multiple locations

Earlier, you would use "*" as the Form Location URL to host webforms in multiple locations or webpages. In this new update, we are allowing you to add URLs of multiple webpages where you want to host the webform. 

For example, if you want to host a signup form in multiple webpages to allow customers to sign up from various webpages, you need to enter the required webpage URLs in the Form Location URL field by clicking the Add button. All the webpages that are added will be displayed under the location URLs right below. 

Date picker for Date and Date-Time fields

Currently in CRM, dates are  entered manually by the visitors since it is a text field. This results in varied date patterns such as MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, YY/MM/DD etc. For example, prospects from USA region would type the date in MM/DD/YYY format, China region in YYYY/MM/DD, etc.  

Thus to bring uniformity in the date format we have introduced the data picker for date and date-time fields.

How does the date fields work after this update?
When users fill out a date field, a data picker (calendar) pops out, and the visitors need to choose a date. The date will be displayed in a pre-defined format.

The CRM users can set the date format to their preference from the Field Properties of any date and date-time field that is added to the webform. 

What will happen to the format of the date fields in the existing webforms?
The existing date and date-time fields in the webform will automatically take up the date format that is set by the CRM user.

Try it out and let us know your feedback. Kindly refer to the help doc for more details.