Parent-child ticketing in Zoho Desk

Parent-child ticketing in Zoho Desk

Hello Zoho Desk users!

We have introduced the parent-child ticketing system to help customer service teams ensure efficient resolution of issues involving multiple, related tickets. You can now combine repetitive and interconnected tickets into parent-child units, work on them in parallel and offer resolution faster, as a team.

This helps your agents handle numerous customer issues simultaneously without becoming overwhelmed and losing productivity. Linking the tickets through the parent-child feature helps synchronize these conversations and minimize the resolution time. 

Why do you need parent-child ticketing?

In scenarios where there are repetitive tickets on similar topics from multiple customers or when there are several sub-tickets for one master ticket for a single customer, it will be easier to categorize and solve them simultaneously. Parent-child ticketing is the new way to offload such tickets more efficiently.

Your teams can:

1) Offer faster resolution

2) Save time on related tickets and can focus on critical tasks

3) Can co-ordinate better within team members

How will parent-child ticketing boost the team's productivity?

Work smarter and faster

Agents working on multiple tickets related to the same issue can use the parent-child feature to group those conversations for easier organization. Once the problem has been resolved, an agent can close the parent ticket, and all associated child tickets will automatically be closed. This will help your teams resolve tickets faster and more efficiently.

Collaborate with context
All related tickets can be categorized as a parent or child. This will help agents break tickets down into groups that share the same context and resolve those related issues efficiently. This will ensure that no ticket gets missed and all the requests are closed systematically.

Maximize efficiency
Since tickets can be grouped and closed together, agents can save time and attend to more customer requests. This will improve the productivity and overall efficiency of customer service teams.

Example: Ecommerce business

It is common for online sellers to receive multiple tickets from a customer related to a single product or order. For example, imagine that a customer places an order for three items. First, they submit a request to check on the shipping timeline. Then, they receive the products but find that one of the items is defective and needs to be returned for a refund, while another needs to be exchanged for a different option.


The customer might submit a fresh ticket for each issue, but they should all be dealt with together for an efficient resolution. These requests can be linked through parent-child ticketing to ensure that any agents who work on the matter have all the context and approach the situation in an appropriate way.


The support team can address and close the child tickets one by one, and the parent ticket will automatically be closed once all the child tickets are resolved. Grouping related tickets helps prevent inadvertent delays, simplify the resolution process, and ensure that all tickets are closed at the right time.

Resolving parent-child tickets:

  • Closing a parent ticket will also resolve all associated child tickets.

  • A parent ticket will also be closed automatically if all the associated child tickets are resolved. This helps save time while ensuring tickets are closed appropriately.

          Read the help document on parent-child ticketing to learn more.


1) The feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Zoho Desk and will be available for customers with early access upon request.

2) Parent-child ticketing is available in all DCs.

                                 Click on the link below to raise a request to tryout the new feature.

                                                                 Request access 

For further information and assistance from the team, you can comment on this announcement or send an email to

Hope you like the new feature! Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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Thank you, 
Zoho Desk team.

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