Logic-based form calculations - Introducing Conditional Formula for Zoho Forms

Logic-based form calculations - Introducing Conditional Formula for Zoho Forms

Hello fellow form builders,

We hope that our  rewind post got you on the edge of your seat, intrigued about the useful, new features for 2020. Well, we are very excited to roll out the first one for the year! :)    

When our team analyzed customer feedback and use cases last year, we realized how much effort our form builders were exerting to craft a personalized form filling experience for their customers/users. We know that our conditional logics feature has saved you a lot of time when creating specific complex forms. We wanted to take this one step further. With the new Conditional Formula  feature, you can track customer actions with your forms, perform data-driven calculations, and provide specific, customized payments. 

Your forms are already geared up with this newest update. When a customer inputs their preferences, the form will provide them with a unique payment or a solved mathematical output.

What was there before? A formula field that allows you to set a static and predefined mathematical calculation in your form.  

What has changed? A new  Advanced  icon is available, which takes you to a platform where you can set up conditional mathematical formulas. 

It's similar to the IF AND ELSE statements that we use in excel statements. Imagine a few of these scenarios:  
  • Discount 20% on the total transaction price when more than five items are ordered.
  • Apply a discount of $10 for red shirts and $5 for yellow ones.
  • Set a 5% deduction when the total number is 20,000. Let's break down one of these examples.  Imagine a scenario where a company has decided to give a 20% discount from the total price on orders of more than five shirts. 

Let's break down one of these examples. Imagine a scenario where a company has decided to give a 20% discount from the total price on orders of more than five shirts. When the customer orders from the T-shirt Order Form, they will include the total number of shirts they want along with the respective color.  

By answering the question "Enter the number of shirts you like to order" with five or above, the total price of the purchase will automatically be reduced by 20%. 

To do this, the form owner should set up the conditional formula as follows:

Over to you! 
Making your user's experience a priority is smart, but when you can get your internal management sorted too, it's a jackpot!  Worried about how to get started? Read our detailed help guide here. Once you get a hang of it, start creating conditional formulas for your forms, and let us know how you are enjoying it in the comments below! 

Until next time, 

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