New Updates to the Bounce status in the Campaigns module

New Updates to the Bounce status in the Campaigns module

Dear All, 

We hope you are all well!

We are here with new updates to the Campaigns module . As you know, Zoho CRM could be a bigger database of Leads and Contacts than any standalone marketing applications. Thus, we have the campaigns module to manage and track campaigns directly from CRM.

For the campaigns module via online integration, the following enhancements are done:

In Zoho Campaigns integration, once a campaign is sent to its recipients, the campaign status is marked as sent, opened, bounced, etc.
Currently, if the email campaign bounces then the status just displays "Bounced". Now, we are categorizing it as hard and soft bounced for better clarification. 
  • Soft Bounce - Soft bounce is a temporary delivery failure that can occur due to any technical issue in the email server or if the recipient's mailbox is full.
  • Hard Bounce - Hard bounce is a permanent delivery failure which could be due to an incorrect email address, incorrect domain name in the address, invalid email address, or blocked email server. 
The bounced status is also displayed under the Service Status of the record, SalesSignal, and Scoring Rules. Here too, bounced will be displayed as Hard and Soft bounce. 

Recipient Activity:

Service Status Filter of a campaign record:

Signal Settings:

Scoring Rules:

That's about the update. Kindly refer to our help doc for more information.

Thank you,
Saranya Balasubramanian

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