What's New in Zoho Books - April 2024

What's New in Zoho Books - April 2024

Hello users,

We are back with a bunch of new features and enhancements to make your accounting experience seamless. Keep reading to learn more about them.

WhatsApp Integration in Zoho Books

You can now connect WhatsApp to your Zoho Books organization to send notifications of payments and sales transactions directly to your customers. You will be able to customize marketing and utility templates for each module to send notifications. You can also initiate conversations with your customers directly from the app.

Learn how to set up WhatsApp integration in Zoho Books in our help document.

To enable WhatsApp for your customers, navigate to Sales > Customers, select a customer, and edit their Primary Contact or Contact Person details on the overview page. Then, enable WhatsApp as their Communication Channel.

Record ACH Payments for your Retainer Invoices

We have supported ACH payments for your retainer invoices which means, you can record ACH payments for your retainer invoices directly from Zoho Books. Additionally, customers can make ACH payments through external links or in the customer portal. Once the payment clears within 3-5 business days, a payment receipt will be generated for the invoice in Zoho Books.

To record ACH payments, go to Sales > Retainer Invoices. Select your preferred ACH payment gateway when creating or editing an invoice.

Add your MSME details in Zoho Books [India]

As per Section 43B(h) of the Finance Act 2023, you should make payments for purchases from (Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) MSME registered businesses within 45 days from the date of purchase to ensure timely payments to avoid tax implications.

If your organization is MSME registered, you can add your MSME details in Zoho Books. Simply enter your MSME/Udyam registration number in your organization's address. Additionally, you can add the MSME details of your vendors in Zoho Books, to track and manage unpaid bills from MSME vendors directly from your dashboard and make timely payments within the 45 days.

Apply Late Fees to Your Invoices [US Edition]

Now, you have the option to apply a late payment fee if your customer misses the due date for an invoice. You can specify how many days past the due date the fee will be applied and choose the calculation method based on the invoice amount. Additionally, you can track all late fees applied in your organization under a default account.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Preferences > Invoices and toggle the Late Fee Preference option.

Note: This feature is available only in the Premium, Elite and Ultimate plans of Zoho Books. Visit our pricing page for a comprehensive list of features in each plan.

Enhanced Comments & History Section

We've upgraded the Comments & History section of your transactions with new features. Now, you can tag and notify other users about a transaction within your comments. Additionally, you can emphasise your words with style using bold, italic, and underline options.

Zoho Inventory Add-On Updates

Void Option for Transfer Orders

Now, you can easily void transfer orders that have been partially or fully processed, making them inactive. This automatically updates stock levels in both the source and destination branches. You also have the option to convert void transfer orders into drafts for any needed adjustments before resending.

To void a transfer order, go to Items > Transfer Orders, and choose Void from the More dropdown menu on the transfer order's overview page.

Cumulative Stock for Item Groups

You can now efficiently track the total stock in hand of all items within an item group to manage and reorder them easily. View the cumulative stock in hand of each item group in the Item Groups module.

Other Feature Enhancements

UPI ID Option for Invoice QR Codes

We have introduced the UPI ID option for your invoice QR codes. 
You can include your UPI ID as a QR code on the PDF of your invoices. This allows your customers to scan the QR code with their device and make payments directly to your UPI ID.

To use this feature, go to Settings > Sales > Invoices > General and select UPI ID as the QR code type in the Invoice QR Code section.

TDS Surcharge and Cess [India Edition]

We have introduced the options to include TDS surcharge and cess within a TDS group tax. Now, when you apply the TDS group tax to a bill, the surcharge and cess amounts will be deducted along with the TDS tax amount.

To add new TDS surcharge and cess rates, navigate to the TDS Rates page in Taxes under Settings

The Zoho Finance Workshop 2024 

Join us for a two-day workshop and get hands-on experience with our Zoho Finance suite. Registrations are currently open for cities across India, the GCC, and Canada. Visit this page to register and for more details.

That's it from us for this month's product updates! We hope the latest enhancements are helpful for your business. You can also visit the 
What's New timeline for byte-sized information about our previous feature updates and enhancements.

We'll catch you in next month's product updates. Until then, if you require any assistance or need clarifications, feel free to write to us at support@zohobooks.com, we'd be happy to help!

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