📣📣 Zoho Bookings - Feature Roadmap 2024

📣📣 Zoho Bookings - Feature Roadmap 2024

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the support you have been showing Zoho Bookings. We had a fabulous 2023, with a bunch of new features and over 60K new users. In 2024, our prime focus will be on user experience, and we have a few vital features coming in as well.

Below is our projection for the year so far (we'll be adding more items once they're prioritized and slotted for release).

1. Ad-hoc meetings

It's common to get meeting requests outside your schedule. Ad-hoc meetings allow you to reserve time slots and share them with specific clients or prospects you want to meet with.

Not just clients—you can book internal meetings with your own staff too. Plus, keep time slots hidden from the person you're sharing your availability with.

2. Recurring one-on-one meetings

Looking to offer one-on-one meetings on repeat for your clients? Don't book separate appointments.

Set up a package and let your clients choose the desired time slots with recurring one-one-one meetings. 
Customize meetings to recur on desired days and times. Collect payments for all the sessions upfront and have clients show up during the set schedule.

3. Appointment restrictions

Too many appointments a day can really decrease the quality of your work. Take control of your time with appointment restrictions. Restrict the number of appointments you receive for any staff, service, or resource, right down to the customer (using their email address).

Limit appointments for:
  • One-on-one services
  • Collective booking services
  • Group booking services
  • Resource booking services

4. Enhanced browser extension

We recently launched our free Chrome extension so you can book appointments, check your schedule, and book time off right from the browser. Now, we're extending its capabilities to:

  • Copy desired time slots into your Gmail messages
  • Share booking links inside LinkedIn

You can extend your outreach to clients over social media and email with the upcoming features.

5. Integration with Bigin

Bigin? You'll love Zoho Bookings too. Automatically collect qualified leads when they schedule with you in Zoho Bookings, and manage those leads using Bigin—the perfect lead-gen and sales machinery for your business!

Plus, book appointments right inside Bigin and manage all your customers from one place.

6. Preview email templates

It's important to ensure your email notifications load well with all visual elements in place. Now, you can upload your HTML content and preview your email notifications before sending them to your clients.

No more broken emails!

7. Event title customization

We've heard your requests for customizable event titles on calendar invites. Now, you can use placeholders to add dynamic values like the event name, time, and host in titles. This is expected to be released before March 15, 2024.

8. Extended custom functions

There's a lot you can do with Zoho Bookings when you use custom functions:
  • Create a Cliq notification when an appointment is rescheduled.
  • Send Zoho WorkDrive documents to clients when you mark an appointment as complete.
How do you do it?
  • Pick the Zoho app to integrate with (e.g., Zoho Books, Zoho Cliq)
  • Decide on the desired result (e.g., create an invoice, send a message)
  • Choose a trigger (e.g., booked, canceled, rescheduled)

With custom functions, connecting Zoho Bookings with other Zoho apps will be a breeze. Below is the list of apps you can connect to through custom functions.

Zoho CRM
Zoho Invoice
Zoho Books
Zoho Docs
Zoho Sign
Zoho Recruit
Zoho Cliq

9. Mobile app revamp

Your business staff should be able to access appointment details, check availability, and book time-offs on the go. That's why we're launching a completely revamped Zoho Bookings app (both iOS and Android) with a fresh UI and enhanced user experience. Here's a teaser of some of the screens.



10. UI/UX enhancements

We've identified areas in the web app where we can elevate your user experience. We are doing a major revamp of the look and feel of the web app to complement the changes we're bringing to our mobile app.

Note that the items listed above are in no particular order for our projected roadmap, 2024. We'll make announcements when they're live and when there are new additions to our planned updates. Have a great year ahead!

The Zoho Bookings Team

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