Announcing new pricing plans for Zoho TeamInbox

Announcing new pricing plans for Zoho TeamInbox

Dear all,

After extending an introductory offer to our customers for almost one and a half years, we are now announcing our pricing plans . We'll have two plans defined as Starter and Professional annually at $5 and $7.5 respectively. These pricing plans will be applicable to our new customers starting today (Feb 02, 2022).
Following are the features under each plan: 


I already have an account with Zoho TeamInbox, how do I upgrade to one of these plans?
You will find your current plan details under your Avatar at the top right corner of the application. Click Upgrade there, choose a plan that best suits your needs, and make payment according to the number of users. 


I am a Zoho One user, how will this pricing change take effect on my account?
You will continue to be in your current plan by default, however you can write to Zoho One support ( ) to upgrade to features of the Professional plan.
I am currently under the introductory offer, can I continue without upgrading to any of these plans?
Yes, you can choose to continue in your current plan. It is absolutely not mandatory to upgrade to any of these plans. You can renew your subscription based on our introductory offer.
Why we recommend upgrading to new plans?
Any new feature we introduce now or in the future will be available only under these pricing plans. So we highly recommend our users to upgrade to one of these plans and get the best out of Zoho TeamInbox.
For our new customers:
The new pricing plans will be applicable by default for new customers. New Zoho One users will be automatically mapped to features supported in the Professional plan. 

In addition to the pricing change, we are introducing new features in Zoho TeamInbox.
  1. Personal inbox

    Connect your personal inbox also with Zoho TeamInbox and have all your team and personal email under a single roof. You no longer have to switch applications to access emails. Though these emails are private, you can share specific emails with your teammates and discuss on them.

  2. Inbox connection via IMAP 

    In addition to POP, you can now choose to connect your inbox via IMAP.

  3. Zoho TeamInbox integration with Zoho CRM

    The Zoho TeamInbox extension for Zoho CRM lets you view all your contact and lead related emails and manage them from there. You can also view the assignee, status, and discussions conducted on each thread.

  4. eWidgets for Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit and Zoho Meeting

    These eWidgets will let you view contact details in the respective applications. View and manage contact deals, tickets, meetings scheduled, and more.

  5. Export and Import emails

    Import emails to your shared inboxes from PST or EML files. You can also export emails from Zoho TeamInbox as a ZIP of EML files. 

Do try out our new features and send us your feedback—we're looking forward. If you have any questions related to these changes or need our assistance, please leave us a comment below or write to us at . We are happy to help!