Elevate your documents with Org Default Templates in Zoho Writer

Elevate your documents with Org Default Templates in Zoho Writer

We have an exciting feature to share with you today that will take your document creation process to the next level: Org Default Templates

Let's dive right in!

Organizational Default Templates streamline document creation for org members with predefined document formats. With this feature, you can standardize all your organization's documents, simplifying and expediting document creation, editing, and deletion.

Who can manage Org Default Templates?

Organization Admins have the privilege level required for enabling, creating, and managing Org Default Templates, while members can access and use them to enhance their documents.

Please refer to our user guide to discover more about Org Default Templates.

Give this feature a try and let us know what you think!

Have an idea to share with us? A question to ask us? Write to us at support@zohowriter.com

Happy writing!

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