File Pattern Matching in DataPrep Amazon S3

File Pattern Matching in DataPrep Amazon S3

I'm trying to automate the refresh of a simple CSV file in a folder in a bucket on S3. .
I'm using the advanced selection because 

I have 2 different files I need to import:

I can connect to the bucket Using the Bucket name - e.g. my-bucket
I can connect to the specific folder using the folder name WITH a hanging slash - e.g. my-folder/

In the "File pattern" field, according to the example (e.g. Filename_*.zip), I should be able to enter either of the following:


and with "Fetch new files based on modified time", I should be able to retrieve the most recent file. I do not. I get no file.

I get an error:
No file found for the given regex pattern. Please check whether the pattern specified is correct.

I'm following the instructions given. Why is my pattern incorrect?


I can retrieve a non-specific file when I use the file pattern ".*" - > .*

Regardless of whether I've selected "Fetch new files based on modified time", it will always return the oldest file in the folder.

What am I doing wrong? 

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