Get to your files faster with the latest Zoho Docs iOS update

Get to your files faster with the latest Zoho Docs iOS update

With the iOS 9 update, Zoho Docs also made some new enhancements to its iOS app making it more user-friendly. Take a look at what's new here:

Locate files using spotlight search

In a hurry to get to a file? No need to open the app. Just type in the file name in your spotlight search and like all other apps, see the list of files from your Zoho Docs account listed in the search result. Click the file name and start working on it right away.

Push notifications for shared documents

Stay on top of all the changes happening in your shared folder. Enable push notifications for Zoho Docs in your iOS settings and get notified when any of the shared users create new folders, share, rename, copy, move or delete any file in the shared folders.

To download the latest version of Zoho Docs iOS app,  visit the App Store. Check out the new features and share your feedback as comments below.

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