Ready for a Meet up? Coz ZUG is back! Zoho User Group - US 2023

Ready for a Meet up? Coz ZUG is back! Zoho User Group - US 2023

Picture yourself in a dynamic environment buzzing with the energy of like-minded individuals who share your passion for harnessing the power of Zoho. Our ZUG meetup is not just an event; it's a gate way to a realm of possibilities. It's where you can dive deep into interactive sessions, gaining insights from seasoned experts who are at the forefront of Zoho's innovative solutions.

We're excited to share that our in-person meetup of Zoho User Group (ZUG) is making its return to the US. These gatherings offer a wonderful chance for Zoho users to connect with professionals, engage with experts, and build a valuable network with fellow users.

This year's Zoho SalesIQ ZUG US meetup will be from Aug 21 to Sep 27 in more than 30 cities all over USA. Please check out the below calendar and register to catch our professionals bring their A game in your preferred city!

USA Atlantic

Aug 21
Aug 21
Fort Myers
Aug 22
Fort Lauderdale
Aug 22
Aug 24
Aug 28
Aug 28
Aug 30
Sep 1
Sep 1
Sep 5
Sep 5
Washington DC
Sep 7
Furlong (Philadelphia)
Sep 7
Sep 12
Jersey City
Sep 13
New York City
Sep 19

USA Pacific & Mountain

Aug 22
Aug 24
Aug 29
Salt Lake City
Aug 31
Sep 5
Sep 6
Sep 8
San Jose
Sep 12
Las Vegas
Sep 14
Sep 19
San Diego
Sep 21
Sep 26
Los Angeles
Sep 27

Why attend?

  • Whether you're a Zoho SalesIQ newcomer needing guidance on basics and setup, or an experienced user with specific queries or challenges, we've got you covered. Our experts will gladly assist you, every step of the way.
  • Also, did we mention that this is a completely free event with no fee, whatsoever? Join us at your favourite city and receive solutions for all your inquiries and concerns.
  • While our agenda will be to provide you a basic idea of SalesIQ and diving into some of its highlights, our main aim will be to foster a deeper connection with our community while enhancing your understanding of our product. 

We are so excited to meet everyone. Looking forward to your presence!

Best regards,
Team Zoho SalesIQ