Share and Co-work in your Notebooks!

Share and Co-work in your Notebooks!

Hi All,

Earlier last year, we added the capability to share note cards with your peers and friends, with either read or write access. Since then, we’ve received a lot of requests from our users to share entire notebooks, and we’ve obliged. We're glad to announce you that you can now share an entire notebook with your coworkers and friends.

Similar to sharing a note card, you can choose to share a notebook with read-only or edit access. Edit permission, when sharing a notebook, will allow the shared users to add new note cards, modify existing note cards, and trash them. You can also save note cards from shared notebooks offline.

We hope this would help you all as you were looking forward to use it. Kindly try this feature and let us know your thoughts and suggestions on the same thread or by dropping a mail to support(at)zohonotebook(dot)com.

Notebook Team
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