The deprecation of Facebook Groups in Social for Zoho Marketing Plus

The deprecation of Facebook Groups in Social for Zoho Marketing Plus

Hey everyone,
With the introduction of v19.0, Facebook recently announced the deprecation of the Facebook Groups API. For this reason, Zoho Social in Zoho Marketing Plus will no longer support publishing posts in your Facebook Groups starting on April 22, 2024.
Here are some changes in Marketing Plus that will follow the deprecation:
  • No posts published on Facebook Groups will be available in the Posts tab of the Social module. Scheduled posts will also be moved to Drafts automatically.

  • Facebook Groups will not be listed under Social Channels in the Social Setup page.

  • Details of posts published in your Facebook Group will not be listed inside the Social Posts section of a marketing project. The post details of other channels will remain unaffected.

  • Posts, along with their comments, tasks, and expenses, will be removed from the Social Posts section in their entirety if they're published only in Facebook Groups.

    They will also be removed from the overview of a marketing project.

While this might be somewhat inconvenient, we're closely monitoring the possibilities of bringing this back with Facebook's forthcoming API support.
We also have a lot of features and enhancements planned for Marketing Plus, and we can't wait to bring them to you to simplify your marketing efforts further.
Stay tuned!
The Zoho Marketing Plus Team