Tip #10: Automatically add tags to Zoho CRM records using form responses

Tip #10: Automatically add tags to Zoho CRM records using form responses

You may be using tags to filter records, create reports based on specific tags, or let your sales team to know which clients to give priority to. Don't skip tagging for the crm records added via forms. The tags can be set to be automatically captured during the form submission.

How it works
When you set up a configuration to push form entries into CRM, you can add a tag to them automatically. The tag value can vary based on the respondent's input (captured using form fields), or you can include a tag with a specific value for all the entries received via a form. Note that this procedure only lets you add one tag per form entry.

How to configure
First, create your form, and in the Zoho CRM integration set up configuration, choose the "Tag" option under the mappings. In the pop-up, choose an option based on your requirement.

To add a tag based on the input of the user, choose the field you are using to obtain the input. The answer can then be passed as the tag for that particular record.

For example, in a form where the lead chooses the reason for approaching you, the options might be "Free demo", "Registering for more info", and "Enable free account". If the user chooses the option "Free demo", this answer is passed as a tag to the record.

To add a tag for all the entries that are captured using a form, you will need to name the tag manually. Choose Add Input Manually and name the tag. For example, you can tag the leads you obtained from a landing page form as "Website Leads".

This can be a great time-saver. We have now come to the end of this learning series. We have a lot more tips lined up for you to make your form building easier than ever!

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