Zoho Checkout Integration | Landing Page Payments | Zoho LandingPage

Zoho Checkout Integration | Landing Page Payments | Zoho LandingPage

Simplifying the online payment process is crucial for landing page success. There is also a growing demand amongst users to be provided with the next steps in the customer journey directly on the landing page. With the Zoho Checkout integration in our builder, users can easily drag and drop payment buttons directly onto their landing pages.

Seamless payments

By minimizing friction in the landing page user experience and eliminating extra steps in the customer journey, businesses can provide potential customers a seamless and convenient payment experience.

Super-fast checkouts

With payment buttons readily available, users can start the checkout process immediately after deciding to make a purchase. This speed and efficiency contribute to higher conversion rates as it capitalizes on the user's immediate interest.

Minimized distractions

For landing pages integrated with marketing campaigns, having payment buttons on the landing page allows users to immediately respond to promotions or offers and begin the checkout process. Keeping users on the landing page for the entire transaction process without redirecting to a sales page can also increase the chance of users completing their purchases.

Learn how you can transform every landing page into a high-converting one with checkout buttons here:  https://zurl.co/LBgp