Zoho DataPrep integration with OpenAI (beta)

Zoho DataPrep integration with OpenAI (beta)

We are thrilled to announce Zoho DataPrep's integration with OpenAI. The public beta roll-out opens up three features. Users who configure their OpenAI Organizational ID and ChatGPT API key (Find out how) will be able access the features. The features help save time, overcome complexities in data wrangling and improve overall quality of data preparation.



Transform by Example: This feature enables users to transform data in a given column based on desired output examples. Essentially, users can provide a few sample outputs, and Zia will automatically perform the necessary transformations on the data in the column to generate the desired outputs. This can include operations like text extractions, date formatting, and arithmetic calculations, depending on the type of data being transformed.


Generate formula from chat: The AI-enabled formula builder allows users to generate complex formulas for data wrangling by simply narrating the logic of the transformation to be performed. For example, in a help desk data set, users can ask the builder to calculate the difference between the first response date and the ticket creation date to reveal the first response duration for each ticket. The formula generated can also be customized, giving users maximum control over how data is transformed in their data sets.


Find new data sets using ChatGPT: Users can ask ChatGPT to bring in new data. This data can be used for experimentation or augmenting available data sets. Keep in mind, ChatGPT generates data based on the available data sets Open AI is trained upon.


We invite you to try these features and share your feedback with us.

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