[Zoho Writer Webinar] Customize Writer to suit your business process

[Zoho Writer Webinar] Customize Writer to suit your business process

Hi Zoho Writer users,


We're excited to announce the Zoho Writer webinar for the month of August 2023: Customize Writer to suit your business process. This webinar will cover the various ways to customize Writer to streamline business processes and improve your productivity.


The webinar will take place on August 10, 2023 at 2 PM IST/GMT/EDT.


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We'll discuss (and share a demo on) how to:


  • Set up different location and date formats in your documents. We'll also show you how to proofread your documents in multiple languages.

  • Set up a default design for all your new documents. We'll also cover how to set up default font, text, and paragraph styles for your personal needs.

  • Customize the auto-correct feature to save time and improve productivity. Add and insert blocks of text easily across documents with Quick Text.

  • Configure various automation template customizations, such as sender name and address, and post-automation actions.

  • Configure notification settings for various actions such as document edits, adding comments.


We hope to see you in the webinar!



Team Writer