Access Data Offline in the Zoho FSM Mobile App | Combat Connectivity Challenges

Access Data Offline in the Zoho FSM Mobile App | Combat Connectivity Challenges

One of the challenges that field agents face on the job is the myriad environments they have to work in. When working in underground or confined spaces or in remote or rural areas, they often have to deal with unreliable or poor network connectivity. Zoho FSM recognizes this crucial aspect of field service. With this in mind, we are introducing offline support in the Zoho FSM mobile app that enables using it even when the internet connectivity is poor or non-existent. The offline mode will be supported in the following versions of the mobile app:
Android app: Version 1.6.0 and above
iOS app: Version 1.2.66 and above

Spotty connection will no longer be a showstopper

In the offline mode of the mobile app, details of the latest (by Created Time) 200 service appointments will be available. Related details of these service appointments like Service Reports, Time Sheets, Trips, Notes, and Work Orders will also be available offline. The table below lists all the features you will be able to access in the offline mode.

Cache when Online, Use when Offline 

To be able to use the Zoho FSM mobile app in the offline mode, the necessary app data need to be cached and stored in the device's internal storage. The automatic caching of the mobile app data will be scheduled for 8 am daily when the offline mode is enabled. In the iOS app, by default, the offline mode is enabled. In the Android app, this setting (Settings > Offline Mode) needs to be manually enabled. You can also manually perform the caching of offline data using the Sync Now option. After using the app in offline mode, when you go online, just Reload to synchronize your app with the latest data.
Please find the link to the help documentation. Do feel free to leave a comment below or email us at if you have any questions.