[New] Create invoices and contracts in minutes with Zoho Writer's Merge Templates for Bigin!

[New] Create invoices and contracts in minutes with Zoho Writer's Merge Templates for Bigin!

Do you often find yourself manually entering customer information in your business documents like invoices and contracts? This can be a time-consuming process that can take up valuable time from your business operations. With Zoho Writer's Merge Templates for Bigin, you can send personalized documents to your contacts in Bigin without having to recreate them every time. 

Let's take the example of Zylker Cars. They create invoices, agreements, service estimates, and certificates in Zoho Writer. And then they use merge fields to include customer-specific details such as name, address, invoice date, amount and map the fields in Bigin to the fields in the document. With this method, they can send personalized documents to each customer using a single standard template, without having to add new information every time manually. This not only saves them time and effort but also ensures consistency and accuracy in their documents.

In this post, we will explore how you can benefit from using merge templates to create customized documents for your business, just like Zylker Cars did.

  • Available for all Bigin editions.
  • All users in the Bigin account can create Merge Templates in Zoho Writer.
  • Merge Templates are available in Zoho Writer's Free Edition.
  • If you are using Zoho Writer (Free edition) you will have 200 free credits/month/org. If you are using Zoho Writer (Paid edition) you will have 1000 free credits/month /org. 
To create merge templates
  1. Go to writer.zoho.com
  2. Click +Create New button.
  3. In the Automation Templates section, select Merge Template > Create from scratch.

  4. Create the desired document. In this case, we are creating an invoice.
  5. Go to the left panel in your document > Automate.
  6. In Select the data source section > Select Bigin > Choose the desired module. Since we are creating an invoice template, I am choosing Pipelines.

  7. In the Manage Fields section, go to Main fields tab and click on the fields you want to add to your template. You can find fields from other modules also here.

  8. Go to the Subform tab, to list the details of the product like Product, List Price, Quantity, Total. These fields are fetched from the Products related list in the Pipelines module.

  9. Click Preview Merge to view how the document appears when sent.
  10. In When to Merge section, click Manually/ On Trigger.
  11. And, in Choose Output section, you will find several options. Choose Merge and send via email. Enter details like customer email address, subject in the pop-up.

  12. Click Save.
  13. Enable the checkbox to get notified via email once the merge is is initiated and completed.
  14. Click Run Merge. The merge is initiated and the customer will receive the invoice via email.

Tip: While Choosing Output, you can use the Merge & send for sign collection for documents like contracts/agreements which require the customer's signature. 
Similarly, they can create estimates to share with customers who come to service their vehicles, create certificates for their employees, share purchase agreements with customers.

  • Each merge will consume 1 credit. For example, if you Merge and send file via email to 5 customers then 5 credits will be deducted.
  • Additional merges can be purchased if you require more. Go to Zoho Writer > User Panel > Merge Limit > Buy Additional Merge Limits. 
In summary, Zoho Writer's merge templates for Bigin can help you save time and boost efficiency. Give it a try and let us know how you will be using these templates! To know more about Writer Merger, click here.
We have many exciting updates in the pipeline, so stay tuned to this space! We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to write to us at support@bigin.com or drop a comment below.
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