App Spotlight: tracezilla for Zoho Books

App Spotlight: tracezilla for Zoho Books

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tracezilla for Zoho Books
tracezilla is an order and inventory management system designed for food companies of all sizes to make it easier than ever to run thei  business. Integrate tracezilla with Zoho Books to seamlessly synchronize master data, invoices, and inventory valuation.

Business needs:
Running a food company is different to many other businesses.  
    • Food is perishable, so you must keep track of dates and quality. 
    • Food must be traced. 
    • Certified production must be documented.
    • Federal laws must be complied with.
    • Quality must be documented. 
    • Input prices vary.
    • Individual item quality varies. 
    • Taxes and customs must be calculated. 
    • Trade documents must be filled in 
  • Most food companies carry out numerous manual work processes and generate a lot of documentation. 
  • There is huge potential in automating these processes to save time, get better business insights, and reduce the risk of errors. Thus, automation makes it easier to run a professional and modern food business.
Allow tracezilla to handle all the core processes in your food company through a seamless integration with Zoho Books.
  • Automate work flows and documentation to save time every day and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Process purchase orders and sales orders in tracezilla, and tracezilla will automatically sync customer and supplier information and SKU information with your Zoho Books account.
  • Invoice your customers in tracezilla and a copy of the invoice will automatically be created in Zoho Books and booked on the relevant account.
  • Transfer expenses booked in Zoho Books to tracezilla and map them to orders, lots, or deliveries in tracezilla. This allows tracezilla to calculate the actual cost prices based on the actual expenses.
  • With tracezilla for Zoho Books, you save a lot of time and reduce the risk of human errors.
  • Get data and insights to create a great foundation for optimizing business processes, costs, and financials.
  • No more maintaining or registering data in duplicate since all your data will be auto-synced in real time.

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