Avalara Sales Tax integration - AVATAX

Avalara Sales Tax integration - AVATAX

Just wondering if anyone else is having troubles with this integration?  Seems as though Avalara changed their billing process, unbeknownst to Zoho, and now ALL transactions are counted by Avalara, not just transactions in a taxable jurisdiction.  This caused a huge price adjustment billed to us by Avalara within a month of us signing up.  And Avalara is not cheap to begin with!

Avalara has been great in waiving that increase, but there seems to be no fix.  Zoho is aware of the problem, but slow in fixing things.

The most frustrating part is that there is no clean way to get out of the integration.  Because of Zoho's quirkiness with how they handle sales orders and not allowing a payment to be posted to a sales order, we are forced to invoice some customers at the time an order is placed, well before it is shipped, in order to post a prepayment.  If we cancel the AVATAX integration, all invoices that passed through Avalara get locked and this causes a major ripple effect across our processes.

It would be nice to know that there are others out there with the same issue!  You know - "misery loves company".
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