Share folder with users in Zoho Mail - Collaborative mail

Share folder with users in Zoho Mail - Collaborative mail

Hello everybody, I read everything everywhere about this topic
the most interesting Topic that I found is this:

where some other user suggested some "workaroudn" but always there are some limits.

Well, I need that 4 user can manage same inbox (and sent message too) together. They should be able to see what the other user do, and work in the same email. All activities, note, read,unread,tags....should be shared.

I tried to image how to do.
1st Solution: I tried with group : but in this way each user receive a "copy" stand alone of the email (it means everybody work in same mail without any kind of connection or knowledge about what other user are doing on it) - 

2nd Solution - I set a master user (or a dedicated inbox) , create a shared folder with all 4 user. Eveybody can read and reply (or write, a brand new name, with other setting) in the name of the "master user" or "dedicated inbox user".
I supposed more or less to have solved the problem, but i found that in this way only the "master user" can put TAG, and all the TAGs are only for his own use, and other delegate user can't see or type a TAG on the email in the shared folder.

I supposed to create a Tag with the name of each user, in a way to have a fast view (and filter) of who do what (to show to other: Guy's I'm working on it!)

well, all the way u try to share completely something, there is some limitation.

I read discussion from users about this topic since 6 years ago.

Do you have any suggestion or new emprovements?

I like Zoho, but this missing feature stop me to migrate.

Thank you

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