WFH Tip : 6 Eliminate repetitiveness and boost performance with templates in Zoho SalesIQ

WFH Tip : 6 Eliminate repetitiveness and boost performance with templates in Zoho SalesIQ

In today's WFH scenario, customer support is substantial and answering the myriad of queries that come from visitors constitutes a major part. Sometimes, these queries become increasingly repetitive and monotonous. To save operators the time and trouble of answering of answering these questions time and again, Zoho SalesIQ offers a bunch of templates that might come in handy. They are as follows:
  • Articles
  • Canned Responses and
  • Email Templates 
Let customers help themselves with the FAQs in their chat window : 
Articles help you draft and share content that addresses queries that are frequently asked by customers on a website - like return policy, how to place orders, etc. Visitors can access these articles right from their chat window without any complex navigation. 
  • Articles in Zoho SalesIQ can help you efficiently handle queries by giving customers the access to your knowledge base right from their chat window. This turns their chat window into a self-service customer portal that proves convenient for both visitors and your operators.
  • Customers can get answers to the simplest of questions without navigating through multiple pages while operators can focus on complicated queries that come from other visitors. This will considerably reduce chat volume and increase efficiency.
  • You can also categorize these articles so that customers can find answers instantly without having to browse through all the articles in search of one.

Eliminate repetition and save time with Canned Responses:
It is an organized repository of pre-programmed responses such as greetings, common solutions, links, etc. that help operators handle support requests quickly and at ease. These responses can help you avoid repetitively typing out the same steps, instructions or links to help your customers handle common issues. 
  • With canned responses, you can generate standardized responses for all the frequently asked consumer queries and this will in turn will accelerate response times and increase customer satisfaction.
  • You have shortcuts to call your responses during a conversation right inside the typing area of your console with no need of actually exiting your chat window.
  • Canned responses also take up the responsibility of eliminating typos and ensuring that a perfectly written message is delivered to customers.
  • These pre-designed responses let you respond to multiple visitors simultaneously. It gives you room to take your time while inquiring about a customer’s query without the other feeling unattended to and reduce client waiting time. 

Overhaul email production with templates:
  • Email templates let you deal with repetitive email tasks with ease. All you have to do is add your content into an existing template and save the time spent on writing brand-new email content every time.
  • They help you improve the consistency in your branding and gives customers a reason to stick around.
  • They also let you send out personalized emails to different categories of customers that have bulletproof content that speaks to individual customers.

So, buckle up and get going! Check out our Help Documentation for more information.


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