What's New in Zoho Books – March 2022

What's New in Zoho Books – March 2022

Hello customers,

Our primary focus during the last month has been to enhance Zoho Books' automation capabilities and to improve tax functionalities. Read on to catch up with all the updates we've released over the last month.

Create Incoming Webhook

We've introduced the Incoming Webhook feature to reduce the redundant manual effort for our users. Using incoming webhook, you can now execute an action in Zoho Books that will be triggered as a result of an action in a third-party application. All the incoming webhooks are executed in real-time.

For example, say you want to track the feedback you receive from a third-party application in the Comments & History section of the respective invoice in Zoho Books. You can now set up an incoming webhook in such a way that whenever you receive a feedback in your third-party application, it's recorded as a comment in the respective invoice.

Additionally, to help you keep track of incoming webhooks, you can view the list of all the incoming webhooks that have been executed in Zoho Books under the View Logs section. Learn more.

To create an incoming webhook: Go to Settings > Developer Space, and click + New Incoming Webhook.

Upload Documents from Vendor and Client Portal

Previously, you could only upload vendor or client related documents using the attachment section of a vendor or customer in Zoho Books. To improve the ease of document sharing for vendors and clients, we now allow them to upload documents from the Client and Vendor Portal. These uploaded documents will be automatically reflected in the attachment section of a customer or vendor in Zoho Books.

The only prerequisite to upload documents from the Vendor and Client Portal is that you should enable the Allow vendors to update their contact details in the portal option in vendor or client portal preferences page.

Note: Only the primary contact of a client or vendor will be able to upload documents from the Client or Vendor Portal.

Unfile GSTR-1 Directly Filed Through Zoho Books (India Edition)

You might come across a situation where you have to edit a transaction which you've already included in the GSTR-1 return that was filed directly through Zoho Books. For such cases, you can now unfile the GSTR-1 even if you have directly filed your return through Zoho Books.

If you need to unfile a return that is not included in the latest GSTR-1 filing, you need to unfile all GSTR-1 returns from the most recent filing in reverse sequential order until you reach the return you want to unfile.

Note: Unfiling the GSTR-1 return that has been filed directly through Zoho Books will not unfile the return in the GST Portal.

Set Default Tax (Global Edition)

You can mark a tax that you've created as the default tax for your organization in Zoho Books. This default tax will be applied to all your transactions automatically and will not be associated to any particular item or contact.

To set a tax as the default: Go to Settings > Taxes > Tax Rates. Hover over a tax and click Mark as Default.

Select Electric as Fuel Type (UK Edition)

As electric vehicles are on the rise, we have now provided an option to select electric as the fuel type while recording a mileage expense. As per HMRC guidelines, the fuel rate is 5 pence per mile in Zoho Books.

You can also check our What's New timeline to see all the small tweaks we've made to enhance your accounting experience.

That's a wrap for this month! We are always eager to hear your suggestions so we can serve you better. If you have a feature request, feel free to share it in our forum.

If you require any assistance, please write to us at support@zohobooks.com and we'll get back to you. Stay tuned for more updates from Zoho Books!

Bennet Noel L
The Zoho Books Team

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