What's new on Zoho Marketplace for March 2021

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for March 2021

Zoho Marketplace houses 1000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in March 2021.

Make calls right from your browser with the Maqsam integration for Zoho Phonebridge. Benefit from additional call control features like click-to-call from within Zoho CRM. Detect incoming calls and watch contact details pop up automatically right before you answer.

Teleforce for Zoho (For Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Bigin, and Zoho Desk)
Instantly enable one-click dialing, call pop-ups, auto call logging, and more from inside Zoho using the Teleforce integration. Embrace extra mobility features with Teleforce's all-in-one telephony solution that’s easy to use and manage.

Close the gap between Global Shop ERP and Zoho CRM. Automatically convert each new sale in Zoho CRM to Global Shop ERP in the form of a sales order, job, or new product. Check the status of Global Shop ERP jobs, material requirements, job progress, and more without leaving Zoho CRM.

Send SMS messages directly to your contacts and leads from Zoho CRM. Get notified in Zoho CRM when you receive an SMS from a contact or lead. Maintain an SMS history for your sent and received messages directly in the leads and contacts modules of Zoho CRM.

Integrate Seikyu Kanri Robo Payment with the Zoho CRM extension to export all the invoices for all the individual accounts to Seikyu Kanri Robo Payment along with the account's address information. Export multiple accounts, add multiple invoices to an account, and more.

Connect the OpenCart store with Zoho CRM to better manage sales, marketing, and customer support services. Sync products and customers and export orders from the OpenCart store to Zoho  CRM.

Track your Easyship shipments without leaving Zoho CRM using a shipment ID or the Easyship order number. Generate the shipping rates for different delivery options without having to swap between applications.

Send SMS messages to contacts in Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile) at affordable rates. Send bulk SMS messages, or send messages using templates. Schedule messages to be sent later and more. 

Update the accounts data in your CRM through the CNPJ so you can view the account information with all the existing data in the Federal Revenue (Receita Federal). Add data including CNPJ, Main Activity, Company Name, Trade Name, and more.

Engage better and close deals quicker with more details about your accounts. Run a search for company names from the accounts module of Zoho CRM, get the closest results from LinkedIn, and automatically store the LinkedIn profile URL in the Zoho CRM record.

Automatically associate meetings and calls with the Zoho CRM Account or Deal based on participants of the meeting and Account/Deal owner. Filter and track all your interactions and save time getting ready for customer meetings or reviewing deals with your manager.

Get instant access to your Zoho CRM customer data inside Custify. View customer details, contacts, and notes taken by your Sales team. Receive push notifications from your Custify Customer Success team in your Zoho CRM account, keeping your Sales and CS teams in sync.

Save time and improve accuracy with a simple way to create support tickets for orders placed on the Magento platform. Track orders, payments, and shipment information from within Zoho Desk tickets, so support agents can communicate contextually with their customers.

Automatically create tickets in Zoho Desk when a customer sends a request to your WhatsApp number or phone number. Reply to tickets right from Zoho Desk, and they will be delivered as WhatsApp messages, SMS, or MMS to the users.

Create contacts and fetch their information (like unused credits, outstanding receivables, billing address, shipping address, etc.) from Zoho Subscriptions. Check the payment status of an invoice associated with subscriptions and more.

Get instant and detailed access to your customer sales information from inside their support tickets. Sync your Zoho Inventory products with Zoho Desk, track the status of packages sent to the contact along with their shipment details, and more.

Create support tickets for every Shopify order so support agents can easily track customers and their order information without leaving their Zoho Desk interface. Keep track of your new Shopify customers by adding them as contacts in Zoho Desk.

HackerRank integrates with Zoho Recruit for tests and interviews to facilitate a simple and straightforward hiring experience. Users can send HackerRank tests and schedule remote interviews right from Zoho Recruit.

Screen your new hire for the WOTC with ease using Walton's integration with Zoho Recruit. It delivers a streamlined user experience that maximizes your company's tax credits and saves you time and valuable resources.

Migrate all your data from Zoho Inventory to Tally in just a few clicks. Convert all your sales, purchase, and manual journals. Export customized data based on your needs using filtering.

Convert email contacts into leads or view and update contact information for multiple emails. You can also add notes, tasks, and events associated with the contact from the eWidget, which will be automatically reflected in the respective fields within Salesforce CRM.

Configure a Site24x7 module in WHMCS. Customers can then purchase their Site24x7 account with an organizational plan that meets their preferred specifications from the store. Manage Site24x7's customers' plans and details from WHMCS

Record an organization's fixed-interest securities and fixed-term transactions. In addition to keeping record of fixed-interest securities and fixed-term transactions, it also classifies the securities and transactions.

This application is for an insurance underwriter for a general insurance company, a life insurance company, or a composite insurance company. It creates a database for insurance premiums written, the commissions paid, and payable there on.

The Insurance Claims Outstanding Age Analysis extension records the outstanding claims of an insurance company. Calculate the time between the accident date acknowledged by the insurer and the end of the accounting year.

The Insurance Claims Payment and Delay Analysis extension records the claim payments made by an insurance company. It uses the delay analysis to help the insurer when assessing their claims management process.

Office Cash Manager helps you manage your company's cash expenses and transactions. Easily maintain clean accounting records for hassle-free tracking and auditing. See all your expenses in one place and get important updates on the dashboard. Categorize expenses for better management, tracking, and reporting.

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