What's new on Zoho Marketplace in December 2021

What's new on Zoho Marketplace in December 2021

Zoho Marketplace offers 1,000+ extensions to help connect and enhance your Zoho products. Here's a list of the new extensions released in December 2021:

Telephony extensions
We recently released five new telephony extensions. These extensions are supported by Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit, Zoho SalesIQ and Bigin. Start making calls from your Zoho products, and receive incoming call pop-ups to get contextual details even before you answer the call. Enable click-to-call and log call recordings in the contact record after the call ends. Click below to learn more.

Instantly analyze Zoho CRM data to identify critical information that's missing from each module. Get key insights that explain the potential outcomes if you don't fix the missing data.

Enable your clients to share passwords and sensitive information securely through Zoho Vault with the strongest encryption standard. Contacts can easily enter their password on their own and share it with you in Zoho Vault.

Pull new IndiaMart leads directly into Zoho CRM. The lead source will be automatically updated to “IndiaMart” so that you can categorize all other leads and leads generated from IndiaMart. Get details such as sender name, address, mobile, company name, subject, inquiry date, city, and address from IndiaMart.

WhatsApp for Zoho CRM enables you to track your sales and customer service follow-ups directly from Zoho CRM. Send quick responses, save images, audio, and conversations, and create leads and contacts from new messages.

Save your agents' time by reducing tiresome app switching and automating sales tasks. Allow them to focus on sales and create a more personalized experience to drive significant sales revenue. Sync contact and activities across platforms, with deals and activities' quick links from Dialpad to Zoho CRM.

Sync Xero customers with Zoho CRM, making it easier to create or cancel invoices and even download the invoice as PDF—all without leaving your CRM. All customer invoices are updated under each contact and account module.

Send interactive emails with your calendar integrated into them, directly from the Lodago editor on your Zoho CRM and boost your number of appointments. The recipients can book appointments within the same email without leaving their inbox.

Integrate Stripe with Zoho CRM to eliminate the complexities of online transactions without leaving the Zoho CRM interface. Import your Stripe customers into Zoho CRM to view the details and status of invoices associated with Stripe transactions for each account and contact in Zoho CRM.

The DataStitch for Zoho CRM integration prepares data to be imported into any Zoho CRM module. It can consolidate the scattered data across multiple CSV files, standardize it, remove similar records, and merge disconnected datasets across common patterns.

CRM Toolkit enables you to access accurate address data in Zoho CRM. All CRM modules, including custom modules, can be configured and admins also have the capability to map any field, including custom fields, to Loqate's accurate global addressing platform.

Xoxoday rewards for Zoho CRM (Available only in US DC)
Connect Xoxoday with Zoho CRM to send rewards and incentives to drive key actions and behavior of your prospects, partners, and customers. Re-engage with prospects you have lost touch with using personalized rewards.

Extensions for other Zoho products

Send out background checks from Zoho Recruit and receive reports, all from a single window. Customize your screening process to match your organization or client needs. Offer candidates more flexibility and improve your time to hire.

Administer Mercer Mettl talent assessments from within Zoho Recruit in a secure and credible environment using AI-powered proctoring tools. Conduct online interviews with candidates directly from Zoho Recruit and assess candidate skills on a deeper level with automated coding simulators.

Easily import project management data into Zoho Projects. Eliminate the need to manually import data into Zoho Projects by automating the process. Maintain relations between objects—keep the original data structure and get to work right after import.

Export for Zoho Projects automates the export process for projects, tasks, and users. Export your Zoho Projects tasks to another project management system while retaining complete control over the export process. Ensure data accuracy with built-in task-field value mapping and more.

Easily import accounting data into Zoho Books. No coding or installation is required and you can simply log in and set up your import with a few clicks. Use the free testing feature to check how your data migrates to Zoho Books.

Loyverse POS for Zoho Books (Available only in US and IN DC's)
Sync automation decreases back-end work, helps avoid operational errors, and increases productivity. With Loyverse POS for Zoho Books, you can easily synchronize the items, customer details, and invoices every two hours from POS to Zoho Books. 

Github Extension for Zoho Desk (Available only in US DC)
Enable customer support agents to easily track and manage issues added to GitHub repositories without leaving Zoho Desk. Create new issues to GitHub from Zoho Desk and link to tickets, view affected files and commits information related to the linked issues in Zoho Desk.

Add a dash of fun to your work routine and bring back that Friday feeling with Games for Zoho Cliq. This extension brings simple yet entertaining virtual games to your Cliq channels to help employees de-stress at work and strengthen team bonding.

Sync customer data between Zoho Inventory and HubSpot. Create or customize your own mappings,  and share the data between Zoho Inventory and HubSpot in real-time so your information is always up to date.

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to your Zoho apps with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace.
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