Custom Scheduling Posts

Custom Scheduling Posts

If you want to schedule your content ahead of time instead of publishing it right away, you can choose to schedule a date and time of your choice. Scheduling posts in advance will help you save time, and plan and organize your content better. It can also help you reach your target audience at the times they're online, and help you maintain an active social media presence. 

Follow these steps to schedule a post on Zoho Social:
  1. Click the New Post button from the Home tab or the Posts tab.

  2. In the publishing window that opens, craft your content, add your images/video, shorten links, and set targeting, if needed.

  3. Once your content is ready, select the date and time that you want to send your post out using the calendar on the right side of your screen. Zoho Social will tell you the percentage of your audience your post is likely to reach if the post goes out at the selected time.

  4. You can also choose the following options: Post Now, Custom Schedule, SmartQ, CustomQ, and Save as Draft.

  5. Publish Now: If you click Publish Now, your post will instantly go live on all the social channels you selected from the compose screen.

  6. Custom Schedule: The screen will display a calendar for you to choose a date and time to schedule your post. You can also choose to Repeat your post once every week or month till a period of time, and then click Schedule.
    Repeat Post option is supported for Instagram Business Profiles only. Learn more about the best practices on Repeating Posts.

  7. SmartQ: As you publish more content, SmartQ will start to predict the best time to post based on your audience engagement. If you don't find a date and time under SmartQ for some reason, you can click Schedule to head back to the calendar view and then schedule your post.
    If you're on your first week of using Zoho Social, SmartQ will not display publishing suggestions. It will need at least 7 days worth data to base its predictions on.

  8. CustomQ: If you click CustomQ, the screen will display a pop-up box where you can add your post to a publishing Queue that you've set up for your Brand.

    If you haven't yet set up Queue slots for your Brand already, go to Settings, click Publishing, select Queue Settings, and add Time Slots to your publishing Queue. Setting up a pre-determined schedule for your content is useful if you want to maintain a consistent posting schedule so your audience can expect to see content from you at regular intervals. A CustomQ helps you ensure that your content is spread out and avoid overlapping schedules.

  9. Save as Draft: You can always choose to save your draft post by clicking on this option. You'll also have the option to save a draft post if you happen to close the compose screen before scheduling your post.

Further Reading

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