Let customers reach you easily with the Zoho SalesIQ - Telegram IM Channel Integration

Let customers reach you easily with the Zoho SalesIQ - Telegram IM Channel Integration

We are now living in the era of instant messaging where every single person around us will have at least two instant messaging apps on their mobile phones. And that very well includes your customers. It is important for businesses to be able to communicate with and assist customers, on the platforms that they are most likely to use.
In this post, we will be discussing about the benefits of Zoho SalesIQ's integration with one such instant messaging app, Telegram. We have made a few changes to our Telegram Channel configurations recently. Let's take a look.

How does the Telegram integration in SalesIQ work?

The Channels feature of SalesIQ allows for seamless integration of your SalesIQ with Telegram.
  • It removes the hassle of your operators, switching between various apps to assist your website visitors.
  • When a visitor sends a message on the particular business' telegram bot, the operator will be notified on their SalesIQ dashboard directly, and can reply to the visitor immediately.
  • Connecting and communicating with a business' telegram bot will connect the telegram user to a SalesIQ operator for immediate assistance.
  • Through this integration, telegram users can easily locate your business' telegram bot, using the telegram search bar.

Recent configuration changes made to the Telegram Channel on SalesIQ

We have made a few changes in the Telegram channel configurations recently. While our old configurations had multiple steps to sync your business' Telegram bot to SalesIQ, the new and refined method of integration cuts down a lot of the steps from the previous process.

New and simplified Configuration steps

Our new, streamlined process does not call for a mobile number as the the key aspect of linking Telegram with SalesIQ.
  • The new configuration requires businesses to have a bot on Telegram already.
  • Now, users just need to enter their business telegram bot's API Key directly on the Channels page of SalesIQ.
  • This will get their SalesIQ integrated with Telegram directly, eliminating all the other steps that was previously done.
Please visit our user guide for more details on the configurations.

Benefits of integrating Telegram to SalesIQ

Now let's get to know some of the advantages of integrating your SalesIQ with Telegram.
  • Your operators can straightaway take up incoming telegram chats within their SalesIQ dashboard and wouldn't need to log on to any other device or app for assisting customers.
  • Operators will have the option to reopen conversations that were missed and can respond to visitors even when the visitors are offline. Unlike on the website, here the visitors need not be online to receive assistance via telegram.
  • The Operators will be able to use the widget functionalities for the Telegram visitors i.e., their details can be easily pushed to Zoho CRM, they can be added to the required campaigns with Zoho Campaigns and their tickets can also be managed on Zoho Desk.
  • SalesIQ admins can use the Channel filter in the chats section to filter out the telegram chats alone, for further analysis.
  • Your visitors, leads and customers who are telegram users, wouldn't have to log on to your website and then initiate a chat via the chat widget for support. They can simply connect with your SalesIQ operators directly from their Telegram inbox.
  • All the chats with Telegram visitors will be safely saved on telegram and can be accessed anytime in the future.
  • Visitors and operators can use the voice notes option and also share images, videos and other files for better communication and understanding.

Thank you for reading through. We hope you found this post helpful. For more details on the Telegram channel configurations, please check out our updated help guide here.

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