2 new updates live in Zoho Workerly!

2 new updates live in Zoho Workerly!

The team at Zoho Workerly is happy to be bringing you some long-awaited updates.
With 'Who is Working Today?' and 'Pre-Check In', - here are two more enhancements designed and developed to meet your business needs.
  1. 'Temps Without Jobs...' - You may be familiar with the 'Temps Without Jobs' filter on the Temps module. By default, we used to list those temps without any job assigned.

    With 'Temps Without Jobs...', you can now filter temps based on whether they have no job assigned for the current day, upcoming week, month, or even year!

  2. Unavailability or Availability - We've allowed temps to mark themselves unavailable for some time now. The Unavailability feature allows temps to select the days they cannot work via their temp portal or worker app, which syncs with agent's Workerly portal. This helps agents make better scheduling decisions.

    That said, every business works differently. To cater to this, Zoho Workerly now lets you choose if you would like to allow temps to mark their Unavailability (which is allowed by default) or their Availability instead.

    If the Availability feature works better for your business style, fret not! Our support is all set to help you enable it. Just send an email to support@zohoworkerly.com and our product expert will get in touch with you.

    Once you have switched to Availability at the organization level, the temp portal will be enabled with 'Add Availability'.

Questions? Feedback? Leave them in the comment box below or feel free to reach out to support@zohoworkerly.com
May the tempforce be with you!
The Zoho Workerly Team