API problems

API problems


Thank you for the service, but the API is a bit of a mess and the documentation is even worse.
(You are making changes to the API, but the changes are never documented. Changes in URLs and parameters. If you make changes, at least version the API properly. It's still on /v1, but everything has changed lately.)
- in the documentation, there is no apparent difference in API calls for "edit" vs "co-edit". Why separate pages?
- the Zoho Sheet API, paramater "user_info" not only that is not consistent with the other APIs by not including "user_id", but it also fails if you specify one.
- the Zoho Show API: fails with the useless error: {'errorCode':'3832','errorMsg':'Error occurred. Parameter value is either incorrect or invalid.'} not providing any hint on what the problem might be.

And generally, it throws lots of random generic 500 Internal Server Errors, making troubleshooting impossible.

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