Attendee not placed in a waiting room. Keeps being forced to click "Join Meeting"

Attendee not placed in a waiting room. Keeps being forced to click "Join Meeting"

Hi, is there a way for an individual to join the meeting instantly when they click on the Join Meeting and then be placed in some type of waiting room that starts automatically when the meeting organizer or another attendee joins?

I attached a screenshot where when an attendee tries to join a meeting that the organizer hasn't started they're met with a "Session Not Yet Started" message. Now they have to constantly click "Join Meeting" in hopes that the organizer starts the meeting. 

This is going to result in many more delayed meetings and some missed meetings.

For example:
-- Lets say I schedule a meeting for 10am
-- The first attendee arrives at 9:58 and tries to join. They can't
-- Attendee tries again at 9:59 but can't joint.
-- The attendee tries again at 10:00. They can't
-- I'm running two minutes late so I join at 10:02
-- At this point the attendee is now distracted doing something else in their email and doesn't get any type of visual or vocal notification that the meeting has started. 
-- The attendee may not check back until 10:05 or even worse may just entirely get distracted.

I've used a lot of different conference software, and the standard is to put someone in a waiting room of some kind so the meeting starts automatically when the organizer joins. Not force the attendee to keep clicking in hopes of joining at the right time.

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