Bug: Export as PDF creates secure PDF

Bug: Export as PDF creates secure PDF

The PDF export function always creates a Secure PDF, regardless of whether you have asked for that option. This has several negative effects.

The most pressing problem for us is that users of the PDF are prevented from copying text from the PDF. When the PDF provides instructions for command lines to type in, being unable to copy those command lines is rather fatal.

The Export as PDF dialog has an option "Click here to set password for the PDF file". Not clicking on that checkbox should result in a non-secure PDF, but it doesn't. It just results in a PDF with no username/password (anyone can open it), but no way to copy, and no way to change the security settings.

If you do select that checkbox, then fields appear for username/password.  Our current workaround is to create username/password, so that at least we can open the PDF in Acrobat, then remove the security. But this is  very tedious when many new versions are being created.


Issue Id: GWZ1045