Bug: Non-admins can no longer revise the site map

Bug: Non-admins can no longer revise the site map

For years the site map could be revised by a user that was not a site admin, but did have site (or workspace?) create, edit and delete permissions. This appears to have changed recently so that the site map can only be revised by an admin. I believe this is a newly introduced bug.

The symptoms are:
As a non-admin user with the above noted permissions, visit the site map.
1. The message "Drag and drop your pages" should appear, but does not.
2. Attempting to drag pages in the actual map displays a red "X" instead of moving that page.

This is pretty inconvenient, because non-admin users need to be able to reorganize their page hierarchy and peer page order, but cannot.

[Edit] In case it's useful to know, this issue seems a regression to a previous issue: https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/community/topic/page-parent-and-sibling-edit-permissions

Tracking Id: GWZ1046