Can't access my custom email settings

Can't access my custom email settings


I created a Zoho account registering with my personal Google Account. Then, I created a custom email by using my domain that i've purchased from a provider. Later i realized i shouldn't have the custom email connected with my personal Google Account, so I removed the personal account from Zoho email settings. I thought the best way to fix things is to start over, so I created a business gmail and created another account in Zoho, by registering with my business gmail.

Now, the problem...I have to delete the first account (the personal one that I registered in Zoho), to be able to use the custom domain in my second one, but I can't, because it asks for password, and I don't have one because I selected "Register with Google Account".

I've tried many things, but nothing works. I can't add the personal Google Account back, because it asks for password. Can't delete the custom email, it asks for password. Can't create or change Zoho password, because I need a password to do that also. I went to DNS management of my domain provider and deleted the TXT line, but didn't change anything.

I'm stuck, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.