Cascading Form Fields

Cascading Form Fields

I 'm setting up a booking form in which I would like to have a dropdown field, and when an item is selected, it hides or displays another dropdown field.

Here's how it would work:

Customer is filling out the form. One of the questions is "How did you hear about us?" which is in a dropdown. If he selects "I downloaded a PDF," I'd like to display another field which gives them a selection of PDFs that are available. If they select "Social Media," I want a list of social media channels to display, but NOT the field which asks which PDF they downloaded.

The idea here will be to push that information to custom fields in the CRM using Zoho Flow. I know how to set up the Flow, but there isn't any way to do cascading fields.

I could set up a Form and use that in the Flow - but then I don't get a list of available times - they can schedule an appointment even if I already have one scheduled for that time.