Charts in Zoho Show: How to Format Axis Labels?

Charts in Zoho Show: How to Format Axis Labels?

I'm building a chart which requires relatively lengthy X Axis labels. At a readable font size, the labels are automatically angled so that they don't overlap one another, but I don't like the look of the angled labels for this particular project. 

What I'd like to do is wrap the text for each label onto multiple lines. Within the chart data menu, it allows me to hit "return" in the label fields to break the text up onto two lines, however the chart itself won't allow the 2nd line to be displayed - the field is only sized for 1 line of text.

Within the Format menu, in the Text section, beneath the Font options, I can see additional categories (Alignment, Direction, Line Style, etc) that appear in grey and seem to be disabled (see attached image). I think I can fix my issue using these expanded formatting options, but I'm not sure how to enable them... 

Any suggestions? 

Alternatively, is there a way to rotate the labels 90 degrees rather than the automatic 45 degree angle that gets adjusted when the label text is too long to fit horizontally?

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